The Diary of the Bible

(Voice of Evangelism, Oct. 67)

Feb. 2 -- Clean up. I was dusted with other things and put back in my place.

Feb. 8.--Owner used me a short time after dinner, looking up a few references. Went to Sunday school.

Mar. 7 -- Clean up. Dusted and in my old place again. Have been down in the lower hall since my trip to Sunday School.

Apr. 2 -- Busy day. Owner had to look up references. Had an awful time finding one, though it was right there in its place all the time.

May 5 -- In grandma's lap all afternoon. She is here on a visit. She let a teardrop fall on Col 2:5-7.

May 7, 8, 9 -- In grandma's lap every afternoon now. It's a comfortable spot. Sometimes she reads me and sometimes she talks to me.

May 10 -- Grandma gone. Back in the old place. She kissed me good-bye.

May 20 -- Rubbed up good and put on the center table. Minister is calling today.

June 5 -- Had a couple of four-leaf clovers stuck in me today.

July I -- Packed in a trunk with clothes and other things. Off on a vacation, I guess.

July 7 -- Still in the trunk.

July 10 -- Still in the trunk, though nearly everything else has been taken out.

July 15 -- Home again and in my old place. Quite a journey, though I do not see why I went.

Aug. 1 -- Rather stuffy and hot. Have two magazines, a novel, and an old hat on top of me. Wish they would take them off.

Sept. 5 -- Cleaned up, dusted, and set right again.

Sept. 10 -- Used by Mary a few moments today. She was writing a letter to a friend whose brother bad died, and wanted an appropriate verse.



Sept. 30--Cleaned up again.



August 20, 1970