An Irresistible Force and an Immovable Object

Grant Caldwell
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Did you ever hear anyone talk about an irresistible force and an immovable object colliding with one another? No one seems to know what will happen, and yet everyone knows that something has to give. We may run automobiles into stone walls and one or both give way. One or the other is not going to be as impregnable as we had thought it would be. So it is concerning the gospel of Christ and the people of the religious world with whom it comes in contact.

Contrary to the thought of many people, the gospel itself is a dynamic force. In fact, in some senses it is an irresistible force. Paul talked about its force labeling it as "power of God unto salvation". (Rom. 1:16) This power will break down all sin and unrighteousness and bridge the gap between man and God, bringing man into an acceptable position before God. Maybe to some it seems senseless, but without pie suppers and pony rides and even without missionary and benevolent societies, the gospel alone can make men pleasing to the God of heaven.

The only trouble is that there are some people who desire to be immovable objects. Remember in Old Testament history when Pharaoh hardened his heart against God, and refused to let the Children of Israel go? He thought he was an immovable object. Remember the Jewish nation in the days of John the baptist and even in the days of

Christ and how they put both John and Christ to death in order to preserve their arrangement of things? They thought they were an immovable object.

The interesting thing is to notice what happened to these "immovable objects.~' Pharaoh lost Israel and a good army too. The Jews, in putting Christ to death, lost a home in heaven (unless they repented) and some forty years later they lost an entire political system on earth.

The point is this: When men begin to tamper with God's arrangements, they lose their immovability. Men think they will not be moved, but Paul said that this person needs to "take heed, lest ye fall" (I Cot. 10:12). But, oh, there are so many in this category going about daily thinking that they are set in their ways and nothing and no one will move them.

Denominational people preach their false doctrines never stopping to think that God is going to put a stop to it. (Gal. 1:6-10) The sad part of it is that many of our own brethren are not much better. Some will preach their sermons on love, peace, and "antis," and go on not willing to allow anything the gospel has to say to move them to change their minds and conform them to the irresistible word of God. It is not just in institutionalism, either. We preach to our young ladies about their dress. Do you think it does any good? Why, they think they are immovable objects. And they go right ahead and wear their godless apparel. Not only wear it, but parade up and down the streets and football fields in it. Our young men are not far behind. Civil law means nothing to many of them. We preach obedience to civil codes, but they think they are immovable objects.

Our plea is to allow the gospel to move you. Be immovable for it (I Cor. 15:58) and do not stand in opposition to it. If you do not allow it to move you now, it will move you in the last day into eternal damnation (John 12:48).


September 24, 1970