From Error To Apostasy

Leslie Diestelkamp
Rochelle, Illinois

Fifteen years ago Brother Roy Key was advocating strongly that a sincere person, though mistaken, could be saved, even if he was only sprinkled instead of immersed. One of my pleas to him then was regarding his influence upon others-other Christians. Many who were weaker than he espoused his teaching but did not stop there. They ran headlong into complete apostasy and usually quickly joined some denomination. (Finally Roy did too, but much more hesitantly than many who had learned from him).

Today we see the very same pattern of error that leads to complete apostasy. This time the real leader is Brother Carl Ketcherside. Yet, though he stoutly argues for almost unrestrained fellowship with sectarians even to accept unimmersel people on the mere basis of their sincerity, Carl does not join a, denomination himself. But many who espouse his teaching do not and will not stop where he does. One by one some eager, sincere young men are falling into line behind him, and soon pass him to rush headlong toward complete apostasy.

Let us all be warned. We must not depreciate sincerity but we must also "contend earnestly for the faith" and speak "the whole counsel of God." Sincerity, like faith and repentance, is necessary for salvation, but it must be accompanied by obedience.(Matt. 7:21). And those who overemphasize the benefits of sincerity are paving the way into absolute departure for some enthusiastic ones who drink too deeply of the "comforting" doctrine that does not demand obedience to the very letter of God's plan of salvation. The years immediately ahead will be marked well with the spiritual casualties among those young men who are today just beginning to drink at the fountain of brother Ketcherside's liberalism.


October 15, 1970