As Will Rogers Said

C. D. Plum
Parkersburg, W. Va.

Will Rogers said time after time, "All I know is what I read in the papers." Naturally, this is not true in Will Roger's case. If all one knew is what he read in papers and magazines (Truth Magazine excepted!), one would indeed have a sordid education. Yet people will pay $50.00 a year and more for a paper, yet often these same people fed they are not able to pay $5.00 a year for a good religious paper. But like Rogers, I read the papers, and this is what I read recently while I was in a good meeting in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. The paper said,



Well, is this what is wrong? I had been of the opinion that Satan had fashion by the throat and was doing his best to choke out any sign of decency that remained (if any). The fight over fashion now seems to be whether it be midi, mini, or maxi. If people had read and heeded the New Testament more, there would not be this "fight over fashion" in the first place. Please do not get excited; I do not have a yardstick in my hands. I do not intend to name out the number of inches long the dress (skirt) should be. Probably age, height, weight, and other things may have something to do in such an answer. But forget the yardstick, let us read some Bible instead.

For instance, let ns read a part of 1 Timothy 2:9: "In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in 'MODEST' apparel." This does not say "adorn themselves in MIDI apparel." It does not say "adorn themselves in MINI apparel." It does not say "adorn themselves in MAXI apparel." But IT DOES SAY, "Adorn themselves in MODEST APPAREL." And believe it or not, some men need the same advice about clothing. Let our motto be: "Make it modest." This goes for work or play, even cutting grass on a hot summer day. "Modest" carries the meaning of observing the proprieties of sex, and being chaste, decent, and virtuous in wearing apparel.

That Other WordLasciviousness

The Bible describes "lasciviousness" as a work of the flesh (Gal. 5:19-21). And of the works of the flesh, the Bible says, "They that do such things shah not inherit the kingdom of God." This work of the flesh -- "lasciviousness" --- carries with it the idea of being "wanton, lewd, lustful" in wearing apparel, or anyplace it would apply. Yes, any fashion that would "tend to produce lewd emotions" is condemned under lasciviousness, whether it be midi, mini, or maxi. Neither is any fashion that would tend to produce lewd emotions modest.

"The Poll"

Very recently I read in the newspaper where a poll was conducted among the executive officers in this country as to why the great increase in rape taking place. As memory serves me now, of those who answered, more than seventy4ive per cent, seems to me now to be nearer 90 per cent, answered that the present fashion in clothing was the cause of the increase in rape. ALARMING! YES! But why surprising? Did not the designer of the "mini" say its purpose is sex? That is what I read in the newspaper. And those who thus subscribe to this fashion know the purpose behind it before they put it on. The most of fashion today is amatory: pertaining to, producing, or expressing, sexual love. If those who follow fashion do not know this, they should read the newspaper and post up.

"Three Words"

There are three words that Christians should remember about clothing if they desire to be dressed in "modest Apparel." Those words are "standing, sitting, and stooping." Is the clothing we wear modest for standing, modest for sitting, and modest for stooping? It is not better to be fashionable than to be right. It is always better to set a good example (1 Tim. 4:12). Fashion does not come before godliness. I, personally, would like to see a change toward modesty, and I hope all Christians will lead the way.


October 22, 1970