New Paper on Evidences

Edward Fudge
Kirkwood, Missouri

Readers of Truth Magazine are well aware of the struggle today between faith and doubt, belief and disbelief, of those who accept the trustworthiness of Scripture and those who scorn it as a human book. If you do not already know of Facts For Faith, you will want to.

Facts For Faith is published by Brother Gordon Wilson, now preaching for the Spring and Blaine church in St. Louis. He is author of several books and study booklets on Christian evidences. In 1966 he debated the national president of the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism. His first editorial in January Facts for Faith gave this purpose for the paper:

The emphasis.., will be on what is usually called "the evidences of Christianity." It will be written, for the most part, on the level of the average member of the church.., so that it will not be too technical to be of use to college undergraduates, or even to those who have had no college experience. Of course, there will be room for the occasional more advanced and scholarly articles.

It is hoped that our discussions of the ~existence and nature of God; the divine origin of the Bible; the deity of Jesus; and the supernatural origin of Christianity, will be such that parents and teachers can employ them in preparing their youngsters for the attacks on their faith which will be encountered as they grow older.

Facts For Faith is attractive, readable and absolutely true to the Book. If you are a preacher, Bible teacher, parent, college or high-school student, or simply a concerned Christian, you will enjoy and profit from Facts FOR FAITH, 6316 Pernod, St. Louis, Mo., 63139


October 29, 1970