A Speech at Florida College

Cecil Willis
Marion, Indiana

In this issue is the first part of a speech delivered by James, R. Cope, President of Florida College, to the student body on school opening day, September 4, 1970. It was my pleasure to be present and to hear this speech. It also was my great pleasure to spend four years on, the campus of Florida College, from 1949 to 1953. Education there has meant much in my life and in that of my three brothers who also attended there.

The education of our children is one of the greatest stewardships which we have. Some are willing to let the Almighty dollar be the sole factor in deciding where their children are educated. The children of such parents are to be pitied. The modern educational world is in a mighty uproar. There are a lot of people who are not even Christians who are seeking for their children something better than the typical university has to offer.

Brother Cope's speech is not the type of article that ordinarily appears in TRUTH MAGAZINE. But I thought many of you might be interested in the kind of educational philosophy that under girds Florida College. Keep in mind as you read these two articles (the second part will appear next week) that this speech was delivered to the Florida College student body, and was not intended for publication. But having heard it, I thought others of you would be interested in it also.

If the disciplined education offered at Florida College rings true to you, and should you want more information regarding it, I suggest that you write your request for further information to Florida College, Temple Terrace, Florida 33617.

November 5, 1970