The National Council of Churches

Charles Brown
Stanford, Kentucky

The N.C.C. "speaks for" over 41,000,000 people, which gives it a tremendous amount of political power. It is a successor to the Federal Council of Churches which was investigated by the United States Naval Intelligence Department for subversive activities and was reported to the Committee on un-American activities of the Congress. Whereupon the Federal Council of Churches dissolved its organization, abandoned its name and re-organized under the designation: National Council of the Churches of Christ. They are the same people with the same goals--the destruction of the text of the Bible, its verbal Inspiration, the Deity of Jesus, and the Virgin birth of Jesus. The Revised Standard Version and the New English Bible are the textbooks for this organization.

The objectives of the National Council of Churches happen to be the same at the American Communist party: 1. Censor all "conservative" broadcasters. 2. Remove all prayer and Bible reading from public schools. 3. Increase all foreign aid whether it helps the U.S. or not. 4. Advocate situation ethics and free love. 5. Promote intermarriage of blacks and whites. 6. Take from the haves and give to the have-nots. 7. Discredit J. Edgar Hoover and the F.B.I. 8. Promote Sex education in Churches, schools, the press and Networks. 9. More aid to the Communist countries. 10. Kill all passport laws. 11. Force racial Integration. 12. Change the social order, using violence if necessary. 13. Clemency for convicted spies. 14. Abolish all investigation on Communists. 15. Remove restrictions on imports from Communist countries. 16. Recognize Red China, Cuba, and East Germany. 17. Advance Marxist efforts through the Church. 18. Abolish loyalty-security laws and loyalty oaths. 19. Strengthen the power of the United Nations. 20. Reconstruct religion on the basis of scientific materialism.

Los Angeles police Chief Tom Reddin has revealed that the N.C.C. has been giving funds to the Black Panthers. At a nationwide conference on Church and Society held in Detroit in 1967, under the auspices of the N.C.C., it was urged that the Churches become sanctuaries for draft evaders. At the same conference, the N.C.C. showed a profile of a couple engaged in sexual intercourse. A marriage counselor at a meeting of the council of Churches in the First Church of Christ Congregational (Pittsfield, Mass.) stated: (1) Couples should live together in trial marriages. (2) Sexual intercourse should start between consenting lovers at seventeen, eighteen, or nineteen. (3) Parents should encourage young children to touch their genitals. (4) Petting through to orgasm is good for teenagers.


These are a few of the denominations who belong to the NCC: United Church of Christ; United Methodist Church; United Presbyterian Church of USA; American Baptist Convention; Church of America (diocese of California); African Methodist Episcopal Church; Church of the Brethren; Church of the New Jerusalem; Reformed Church of America; Lutheran Church of America; Polish National Catholic of America; Progressive National Baptist Convention; Christian Churches International Convention; National Baptist Convention of America, USA; Seventh Day Baptist General Conference; Syrian (Orthodox) Church of Antioch; Hungarian Reformed Church in America; Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic of America Protestant Episcopal Church.

(I am indebted to Foy E. Wallace and Tom Anderson for this material.)

November 5, 1970