"Hippy" Christians

Cecil Willis
Marion, Indiana

'I have no sympathy at all with the "Hippy" movement within our nation, and even less tolerance toward its manifestation within the Lord's church. Some of our modernistic and maverick brethren are appropriating more and more of the "Hippy" vocabulary in their wild effort to attain something they call "relevance."

Some of our brethren who picked up some of the Charles Holt doctrines have started a paper which they call Integrity. They recently published (September, 1970) the following letter to the editor:

Dear Soul Brothers: I have sounded every hubcap within reach and you cats cop the gig. INTEGRITY is pure funk. I freaked out when I first read your Love-head journal. After I flipped out, I cooled and dug and decided to subscribe, but I could not find a wheel to turn. Like if you could pass me a wig-stretch by the grapevine, I will motivate some green to you. Dig? Hep Bible-heads like yourselves really turn on the C.L.F. -- Christian Liberation Front

I do not intend to waste any time trying to make sense out of such a non-sensical letter. So no "Hippy" letters to the Truth Magazine editor, please!

November 12, 1970