Ray F. Dively
Baden, Penn.

Evolution is a theory, not a fact. The theory of evolution is that view of man's origin that he evolved from lower animals instead of accepting the Divine account of creation as revealed in the Scriptures. The Bible affirms God created the universe and all that is in it, including man who was especially created in the image of God' (Genesis 1:26, 27; 2:7; Acts 17:24; Colossians 1:16; Hebrews 1:20).

Evolution is a system of philosophy, not a science. Science is based on demonstrated truth while philosophy is a system of thinking. Since evolution cannot be proven by experiment or observation but is rather a way of thinking, it is not a science at all. We have come to refer to evolution as science but that is not accurate. Science is a search for truth about the world or it is organized knowledge about the universe. The Bible is God's revealed word. Science and the Bible cannot conflict because both are true and truth cannot conflict with truth.

We are told in scripture that God created man but there are some differences between man's creation and creation of animals. Man was created apart from animals. God said, "lat in make man in our image, after our likeness" (Genesis 1: 26). In Genesis 2:7, we find that God made man a living soul. We see man was made m the spiritual likeness of God and possessed an eternal nature apart from the body which was formed from the earth. If man originated through evolution, then he cannot be a living soul but is merely an intelligent animal. He is not in the image of God, but an improved ape. If evolution is true, then man is an animal. God's word tells us that man is not an animal.

The days of creation are found in Genesis 1, the first chapter of the Bible. The creative days were literal days of twenty-four hours each. The days are divided into portions of light and darkness. And there was evening and there was morning, one day" (Genesis 1:5).

The account of creation in the Book of Genesis is the account of historical facts. God created man, animals and plants in such a way that they only would "yield fruit after their kind." He created man full grown.

The evolutionist believes that all life started as simple one-celled organisms which through the ages changed to succeeding more complex forms until we have great trees at the top of the plant kingdom and man at the top of the animal kingdom. There are two kinds of evolutionists: those who believe God created life and started the process, and those who believe that life appeared in some other way. The evolutionist who believes in God is called a theistic evolutionist and his system of belief is called theistic evolution. The organic evolutionist does not believe in God or in the Bible at all, but is an atheist or an agnostic who believes that the universe was made, life appeared, and evolution took place as a result of some kind of natural law or laws. Both theories deny God. One cannot believe in either type of evolution and be a Christian.

The belief in evolution is spreading through our social structure. It is found by implication, if not by outright statements, in a big percent of our reading material. History text and science books particularly teach this belief. It is being taught that you can believe in evolution and God; that evolution does not contradict the Bible. This is false; it does contradict scripture.

We must warn our young people about this ungodly teaching, for they are confronted with it on all side -- on the radio, newspapers, magazines, schools, etc. At school, in history and science classes, students are told of prehistoric man and the theory of evolution. These beliefs are taught as truth. Some students accept such teaching without question. We must teach our young people that the Bible is God's inspired book and is infallible, and we must prove it. A thorough knowledge of the Bible itself is the only real protection from evolution we have.

The theory of evolution is un-scientific, unreasonable and downright incredible! Men believe it simply because they want to. The Bible contains the true origin of man. It is indeed sad that souls will be lost because infidel evolutionists have blinded some to believe that they know so much when actually they know so little. They have combined their speculations to build their theories because they refuse to accept God as their Creator.

God does exist. The very God of the Bible, the Father of Jesus Christ, lives. Christ is alive. Who will you believe and accept? God and His word (the Bible) which has been proven, or evolutionist and their writings which have not and cannot be proven?

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XV: 2, pp. 12-13
November 12, 1970