"Something Else"

Cecil Willis
Marion. IN

The 25th and Geraldine church in Oklahoma City is conducting "a series of youth meetings . . . for the next three months" which they have advertised as "Something Else" (according to their October 11, 1970 bulletin). Keep in mind that this is the congregation that has appointed itself as "Campaign for Christ" director for the brotherhood, with Brother Ivan Stewart as "Campaign Director."

This "Something Else" program features "Free form sculpturing, expressionistic painting, creative writing and graphic expression . . . along with montage construction and mass media interpretation to cause serious thought concerning commitment in todays (sic) world. Discovery of hidden talents and new opportunities for self exploration are just some of the existing adventures that will be yours if you are there."

For years the Christian Church has sought to justify mechanical instrumental music in worship on the grounds that it is a "God-given given talent." It appears our "Campaign for Christ" brethren have appropriated the same argument. How long will it be before they suggest the stained glass windows and burning incense for "religious effect"?

I suggest that they have named this program correctly. It is "Something Else." It is "Something Else" than the mission of the church. It is "Something Else" than gospel preaching. And it is going to result in "Something Else" than the salvation of souls. Their advertisement says, "Something Big is Coming Up! And its Something Else!" I wonder why brethren will waste their time and effort on "Something Else" than the "work of the Lord" (I Cor. 15:58).

November 26, 1970