Chapter and Verse, Please

Victorio R. Mayan
Caloocan City D-706Republic of the Philippines

The faithful Filipino Christians gained much as results of the recent visit here by brethren Roy E. Cogdill and Cecil Willis. I am sure that more spiritual benefits to us will be manifested as time passes on. To them and to all those who contributed one way or another for that trip and to its success, we are whole-heartedly indebted. God is truly glorified!

Among the things they left with us is the phrase, "Chapter and Verse, Please." The simplicity and validity of these words embody our deep conviction in relation to our religious faiths and practices. The sound brethren therefore, appropriated them eagerly. Everywhere I go, since then, the saints with lively emphasis enunciate these words in almost every discussion of religious doctrines. We consider this a significant watchword and may well become a heritage to future generations of saints in our land.

We, in adopting this meaningful watchword, have found a truly effective way in knowing whether we serve God acceptably (I Pet. 4:11; Rev. 11:1). We are thereby encouraged. And to our erring brethren, we hope and pray that they fully go by the principle involved in it, so that one day our hope to be one again with them working together in fellowship with the Father may be realized. To the Denominations and other religious Sects, this is our battle cry in discussing religious controversies (Jude 3). We shall not, even for a moment, give in, not allowing for things unauthorized though not specifically prohibited in the Scriptures. And to the rest of the world, we contend that its logic will be a powerful instrument for leading them to the truth.

With all our hearts, we believe that by abiding in it, sound Christians are made unique among the different religious organizations. One brother (Richard E. Swan) has aptly said, "Many religious people are surprised when their practices are called in question, but even more surprised when they look for them in the Bible and are unable to find them." This watchword as applied by believers to the New Testament will lead us safely to heaven.

The Couswagan Church and their meeting house at Liloy, Zamboanga del Norte, Republic of the Philippines. The evangelist Remigio O. Flores, is standing In the back row. He is the second man from the right side.

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XV: 4, pp. 10-11
November 26, 1970