James P. Needham Resigns

Cecil Willis
Marion, Indiana

A letter which just came to me yesterday from James P. Needham said: "I have been asked to become editor of TORCH at of the first of the year. I have accepted, and therefore, would like to sever all connection with TRUTH and the Cogdill Foundation. I don't think it will be profitable for me to continue to write for TRUTH. I will do well to take care of my obligations to TORCH. I have enjoyed writing for TRUTH, and hope that my feeble efforts have made some contribution to the cause of truth."

It certainly is with much personal sadness and regret that I announce that James P. Needham will no longer be writing regularly for TRUTH MAGAZINE and will no longer serve as an Associate Editor. James and I have, for many years, been very closely associated in gospel work. Perhaps more than any other, for many years he shared the burden of publishing TRUTH MAGAZINE. He has been indeed to me a "fellow-worker for the truth."

It is a positive fact that Truth Magazine will miss his pungent pen. He has been among our very ablest and most treasured writers. Jim has had the unusual ability to write succinctly; he can say much in a little bit of space. Unfortunately, the Editor does not share this ability of his. Hence, it has been difficult for me not to be envious of this valuable trait he possesses.

It was precisely because of his ability to write analytically and succinctly that I asked him to begin the highly successful column, "What's Your Question?" In my estimation, he has attended to that assignment superbly. Just at the moment, I have no idea who to ask to attempt to attend to that important section who can do it in the incomparable fashion that I think, Jim has handled it. At a later date, we will announce who will answer the questions which are sent in. I still have on hand a few other articles which Brother Needham has written in reply to questions, and a series of articles on "Sex Education in the Public Schools," all of which will appear soon in Truth Magazine.

My long and close working association with Jim Needham has been a pleasant experience to me. I am positive that he has been of inestimable worth to Truth Magazine. I most certainly hate to see this intimate working arrangement come to a close. I had hoped that it would last throughout our life-times.

But Brother Needham has the opportunity to edit Torch, and has requested that he be released from his Truth Magazine obligations in order to accept that assignment. There is no question but that Torch will ably be edited. Perhaps many of you win want to keep up with Brother Needham's writings through Torch. This article is being written from California, and I therefore do not have immediate access to the address of Torch. But you may subscribe to it by writing to James P. Needham, 1600 Oneco, Winter Park, Florida 32789.

I want publicly to express to Brother Needham (and to Sister Needham also, who ran the bookstore for several years) my, sincere gratitude for his faithful assistance.

For many years, Brother Needham and I were more closely associated in the publication and promotion of Truth Magazine than were any others. Without question, I shall miss his loyal help and pungent pen. Many pleasant hours have been spent with him and in his home.

Though I must confess that I begrudgingly see him leave the staff of Truth Magazine, common courtesy and proper gratitude make it incumbent upon me publicly, to wish him the very best as he undertakes the important job of editing Torch.

Jim Needham's work within Truth Magazine shall long be remembered and woefully missed. I just hope that he can find a little time to write at least occasionally for us. Though I regret seeing him leave the staff of Truth Magazine, I think he made the right decision. I do not want men to remain on the staff who know they are not going to write for the paper, or who in fact do not write for it. The status of a "Staff Writer" in such an event would become merely a farce.

I extend my sincerest and heartiest best wishes to James P. Needham and his new undertaking, Torch.

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XV: 5, pp. 5-6
December 3, 1970