From an Old Preacher

C. D. Plum
Parkersburg, W. Va.

I don't look old. I don't feel old. I don't preach like I am old. My health is good so far as I know, and I am not ashamed of being seventy-two, and of having fifty-three years of preaching to my credit. I eat well, sleep pretty well, and I am not on a diet. Satan still tempts me, still throws his fiery darts at me, and knows my weak spots. And, my Liberal brethren, and some not so liberal, gnash on me with their tongues, and cast out my name as evil, and would bring this old preacher down to sadness, shame, and disgrace without a cause, but just because I would not go along with the opinions of men. But I have not been crucified like my Lord; I have not been beheaded like Paul. I have not been stoned to death like Stephen. But I still preach God's word, sing God's praise, and pray for my persecutors and misrepresenters like the Lord told me to do. Trusting and hoping that every such wrong will he righted before the judgment day, for their sakes. It will be too late then. That's why I urge corrections now.

This old preacher has a suggestion. Brothers, sisters, please look over the following list of sermon subjects carefully. This list of sermon subjects has been expressly prepared for the church, but they are likewise "wholesome" for alien sinners and prodigals.

The subjects follow:

"How To Build Up The Church"

"Solomon's Temple And Christs Church Compared"

"God's Will And Promise Concerning Afflictions And Persecutions"

"Finding Peace In Prayer"

"Closeness of Christ and Christians"

"God's Foreknowledge"

"A Crowd or a Christian"

"The Finished and Unfinished Work of Jesus"

"A Christian's Past, Present, and Future"

"Breaking Alabaster Boxes"

"The Model Church or The Modern Church, Which?"

"Grieving The Lord"

"A Peculiar People"

"Mothers Like Mary"

"If Jesus Should Come Today"

"Groomed For The Eternal City"

"Going Home"

"On The Spot"

"In Between Meditations", and such like.

Why not pick out subjects from these, or suggest others, or leave it up to me? If you never heard a "PLUM" preach, you may have missed, "some sweet sermons" (Maybe some sour ones. C.D.P.). Taste and see. You, be the judge. Where trains run, where busses go, where planes, fly, Lord willing, Ill Come, on a time suitable to you. If the lessons are not true to Gods word YOU PAY NOTHING. I never make a charge for my, preaching. What you do is up to you. I am more interested in souls than in silver. Sunday through Sunday, over a Sunday, or between Sundays. You say when, and how much. I am not located with one congregation. I go where I am called, and preach what the Lord wants me to Preach, what he says in his word should be taught. I DON'T PREACH MY OPINIONS.

December 3, 1970