Replacement Needed for South Africa

Gene Tope
Krugersdorp, Republic of South Africa

How little I thought as I stepped from the aircraft on that bright spring morning that I would be spending so much of my life in South Africa. It was away back in November, 1957, when a very green, inexperienced preacher stepped excitedly onto the tarmac of "Jan Smuts" ready to tackle tigers, or he knew not what (probably a good thing, too).

Well the years have gone by and that preacher has gotten quite a bit older, a little wiser, and a whole lot balder. The years have brought their many joys and triumphs; heartaches, tragedies, divisions, and personal Gethsemanes. Yes, it has been hard much of the way, but I would not have traded these years for anything on earth.

Now, we are ready to come home and we NEED SOMEONE TO TAKE OUR PLACE.

The challenge of South Africa is as great as it has ever been. Here are some of the activities you will find yourself engaged in - if you come:

1. Working with the WHITE people of the country; especially the small, European church here in Krugersdorp. Preaching, teaching, home Bible classes.

2. Preaching among the NATIVES here on the "Reef" - in Johannesburg, Springs, Benoni, Pretoria.

3. Preaching in the native HOMELANDS. Going north 350 miles (almost to the Rhodesian border) once or twice a year to work among the Venda People. This is a fruitful area for our gospel efforts.

4. WRITING - articles, religious papers, correspondence courses, tracts.

5. TRAINING OF SOUTH AFRICAN PREACHERS to carry the Gospel to their own people.

An experienced man is needed to continue this work. But in view of the admission in my first paragraph, I think I would be glad to see an "apple-cheeked youth" (about like me 13 years ago) step off that plane ready to tackle his tiger (we don't have real ones roaming around any more, but a lot of imitations).


We plan to come home in June and would like someone to replace us as soon as possible.

If you are interested, whether young or old, how about dropping me a line?

January 7, 1971