New Translations

Cecil Willis

New translations are occasionally helpful. The words that God gave do not change. The Hebrew and the Greek words used centuries ago cannot be altered. But our English words do undergo great changes. Please notice the following differences in English translations of the first few words of "The Lord's Prayer,"

"Uren Fader Ahic art in heofnas." (From an English translation made 870-901 A. D.)

"Our Fadier that art in heuenes." (From an English translation made 382 A. D.)

"Our Father who art in heaven." (From American Standard Version made in 1901 A. D.)

The English language has changed so much that if we did not have more recent, translations, we could not understand the Bible at all. I could not read intelligibly the first translation quoted, and I doubt if I could read the second one (Wycliffe's). And, certainly most of us could not read directly from the Hebrew and the Greek. So be thankful that you have access to English translations which are easy to be understood. Cecil

January 14, 1971