The Question and Answer Page

Cecil Willis
Marion, Indiana

There always has been a great interest in the answers given to religious questions. In the past, several good books have been published that dealt with questions that perplex brethren. Large books answering oft repeated Bible questions were published by Lipscomb and Sewell, and by one of the Sommers who signed his answers "by a Bible Student." Smaller books have been published by several others. Much of the material published by R. L. Whiteside, and later by his daughter, was the result of study given so that he publicly could answer questions asked of him. It is my opinion that another timely book could be done on questions now being answered.

Since the beginning of a question page in TRUTH MAGAZINE, there has been a lively interest in it. The modernists among us sometime state that we are answering questions no one is asking. But on the question page, we know for sure that is not so. Every page is written in reply to a specifically asked question. The interest in a question page is such that nearly every paper regularly conducts such a department within its pages.

It is with pleasure that I now announce that Brother James W. Adams will hereafter conduct our question and answer page. He will write under the heading, "What Saith The Scripture?" It is probable that no brother among conservative brethren is more universally recognized for his calm scholarship and superb writing ability. Indeed, he has been an "ace writer" among us for well over a quarter of a century. For many years, when some difficult and controversial writing assignment was at hand, James Adams was called upon to do the writing. He has a precise and careful style that I know you will appreciate.

Brother Adams brings the kind of maturity in his writing that such a question and answer page requires. Brethren are not interested in what any novice has to say in reply to a difficult question. Brother Adams just completed on December 31st his thirty-seventh year of preaching. He is the father of three faithful children, all of whom now are adults. He has had family experience which will particularly qualify him to answer some questions, in addition to his many years of Bible research. From every point of view that comes to my mind, Brother Adams is perfectly qualified to write such a page.

Brother Adams attended Freed-Hardeman College. Aside from an early preaching tour in Paducah, Kentucky, and from a long and, fruitful work with the Tenth and Francis church in Oklahoma City, all of Brother Adams "located" preaching has been done in Texas. He has worked full-time in Temple, Longview, Beaumont, and San Antonio, all of which are in Texas. He has worked during two different periods with the well-known Mound and Starr congregation in Nacogdoches, Texas. Just recently, Brother Adams began work with the Pruett and Lobit church in Baytown, Texas, which is near Houston. Hence, Brother Adams has wide experience in local work, and has faced all the same kinds of problems that younger brethren now face in local work. Perhaps some young preachers will want to pose some problems to him.

Throughout his life, Brother Adams has done extensive gospel meeting work. He has preached literally all over our nation. He has had much experience in debates, both as a participant, and as a moderator. Many have wanted him at their side as a counselor as they engaged in debate. And his writing experience is even wider still. He even now serves, as the Front Page writer for the PRECEPTOR. For many years, he was an Associate Editor of the GOSPEL GUARDIAN. He now is associated with TRUTH MAGAZINE as an Associate Editor. Throughout the years, he has published a widely acclaimed bulletin. Particularly was his bulletin in demand when he wrote the widely circulated bulletin at Tenth and Francis in Oklahoma City.

Brother Adams' home address will be published at the head of each column he writes. Send your questions to him at that address. Those asking questions must understand that Brother Adams will not be able to write personal replies to every question sent to him. He would get nothing else done, were he to attempt to do so. But from the questions sent to him, he will select those which he thinks most generally would interest and benefit brethren.

Any regular writing assignment is burdensome to a man already heavily loaded with work. Brother Adams works for a large congregation, and such a work is very demanding. Furthermore, he travels much in gospel meeting work, and this makes it difficult to keep a regular schedule. However, it will be our desire and intention to publish about two articles a month from Brother Adams dealing with questions which you ask him.

Now in closing this introductory statement, I would like to spring a little surprise upon Brother Adams. It is my hope that he will prepare these articles with the view in mind some day to publishing them in book form. He now is in the intellectual prime of his life. He always has been a trained thinker and a careful writer. My judgment is that what he will write will be worth preserving long beyond the time that these issues of TRUTH MAGAZINE have been misplaced. If you concur in such a sentiment, periodically encourage Brother Adams toward that end. Should he continue to write this column for several years, many fruitful pieces could be garnered and preserved for generations yet unborn.

As editor of TRUTH MAGAZINE, I am wonderfully well pleased that James W. Adams will be conducting the question and answer page. Furthermore, I am confident that you will share this pleasure of mine, as you profit from the replies he gives to questions propounded to him.

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XV: 12, p. 2-3
January 28, 1971