Speaking of Big Things

Earl E. Robertson
Xenia, Ohio

In the Advocate for Oct. 29th brother Burton Coffman was writing about the indebtedness on the church building in Manhattan, N.Y., which he says now is $300,000.00. They have spent about $2,000,000.00 already. Their plans of paying the remaining indebtedness are very simple. They want both churches and individuals to continue giving them money (as has been done "lo these many years"), and, he writes: "Unused portions of the building site were leased in 1969 for the construction, of a 24-story apartment residence now being constructed; and income from the lease will enable Manhattan congregation to handle all indebtedness, starting on July 1, 1972. The remaining gap of twenty-one-months must be bridged; and Manhattan's eldership prayerfully requests the continued aid of churches and individual Christians till that cut-off date."

How do you like that for "big things?" I'm not opposed to "big things" per se, but I am opposed to things so big they will not fit into New Testament patterns! This action tells where the treasure of one's heart is. Everything will be all right when all our actions are "in the Old Paths."

January 28, 1971