Larry Hafley Added to Staff

Cecil Willis
Marion, Indiana

When outstandingly able men become available to supplement the staff of writers for TRUTH MAGAZINE, we are eager to secure their assistance. Accordingly, we are pleased to announce to our readers that Brother Larry Ray Hafley has agreed to serve on our staff, and to write with regularity for TRUTH MAGAZINE.

Brother Hafley now preaches at Plano, Illinois, where he has been for three and one-half years. He was reared in Peoria, Illinois, where his father serves as an Elder in the Paris Avenue congregation. Larry at first prepared himself to be a school teacher, but after two years of teaching (and though he greatly liked teaching), he felt the responsibility to give himself to preaching the Gospel of our blessed Lord. Since June, 1967, Larry has been engaged in full-time evangelistic work.

The Plano congregation gives Brother Hafley considerable liberty to do evangelistic work in other places. He conducted sixteen gospel meetings in 1970. He also has participated in six religious debates, and has two others scheduled for 1971. He has discussed in debate the subjects of baptism, apostasy, the Godhead, Holy Spirit Baptism, and the Herald of Truth type of sponsoring church arrangements.

In addition to considerable involvement in oral preaching and teaching, Brother Hafley has already established himself as an able and careful writer. He nearly always writes all of the material in the bulletin which the Plano church publishes. He also has had many articles to appear in journals published by the brethren, including TRUTH MAGAZINE.

Though Brother Hafley is only twenty-seven years old, we feel that the addition of him to the staff of TRUTH MAGAZINE will make a substantial contribution to the worth of the paper as it comes into your home. We welcome him to our corps of writers.

February 11, 1971