What about Your Zeal?

Cecil Willis

Paul commended the Jews for having zeal, but he said it was not according to divine knowledge (Rom. 10: 1-3). There are many in religious error about us whose zeal is commendable. We only wish theirs were a zeal in proclaiming truth. We also wish those who do proclaim the truth had the same zeal that characterizes some of those who propagate error.

I read recently this paragraph concerning one denominational preacher:

"John Wesley traveled two hundred and fifty thousand miles on horseback, averaging twenty miles a day for forty years; produced four hundred books; knew ten languages. At eighty-three he was annoyed that he could not read more than fifteen hours a day without hurting his eyes and at eighty-six he was ashamed that he could not preach more than twice a day. He complained in his diary that there was an increasing tendency to lie in bed until 5:30 in the morning."

Does not Wesley's zeal put all of us to shame? Paul commands that we "always abound in the work of the Lord" (I Cor. 15:58).

February 11, 1971