Quite an Order to Fill

Cecil Willis

Recently I ran across a list of qualifications for a preacher. Some expect more of a gospel preacher than any man can measure up to. This is the point suggested by the article According to this list, the preacher needs:

"The strength of an ox,

The tenacity of a bulldog,

The daring of a lion,

The wisdom of an owl,

The harmlessness of a dove,

The industry of a beaver,

The gentleness of a sheep,

The versatility of a chameleon,

The vision of an eagle,

The hide of a rhinoceros,

The perspective of a giraffe,

The disposition of an angel,

The endurance of a camel,

The bounce of a kangaroo,

The stomach of a horse,

The loyalty of an apostle,

The faithfulness of a prophet,

The tenderness of a shepherd,

The fervency of an evangelist,

The devotion of a mother,

And then, he would not please everybody! "

It is rather obvious that I do not have all of these traits. I must confess that there are some of them in this list that I do not even seek to attain. So you will just have to bear with my shortcomings--while I bear with you and yours!

February 18, 1971