Report from Ray Narro

Ray Narro
Phoenix. Arizona

Dear Brethren:

This is my first report as a member of the church of Christ.

The first day I came to the church of Christ, I was dressed as a Roman Catholic priest, and on my chest I wore a crucifix I had worn for eleven years when I was a missionary priest.

I studied the word of God for three years in the monastery of the Saint Augustine order, and as I kept on reading this precious word, I found myself farther and farther away from God.

Reading the Bible helped me find the truth, and every time thereafter I would go to the altar and give a mass, I knew that I was wrong, for all of our services and works had a price tag on them and we would not do anything to help the poor. We did not care for their souls, or for their salvation, for we only cared for the money we would receive.

When I decided to leave the Roman Catholic Church and save my soul, I was baptized for the remission of my sins and then I took the crucifix from my chest and put Christ in my heart so that His spirit would dwell in me. When I obeyed the gospel, I became the happiest man, for I KNEW that God had forgiven my sins and that I was NOW a member of the one and only true church, which bears His name, church of Christ, for He purchased it with His blood. And now I preach for this one and only true church.

When I preach and people obey the gospel, I rejoice once again, for I know they are no longer aliens but children of God. I preach the gospel of Christ, because I am grateful for what He has done for me, and I want to serve Him and His divine cause for the last days of my life.

Brethren, I wish as this moment to give you a report of my work in the valley of Texas and in the border towns. On this trip fifty-one persons obeyed the gospel, and twenty-three were also baptized on my first preaching tour in California. Two people were restored in Raymondville, Texas, and this brings a total of seventy-six people coming to God. You will see that your supporting me was of much help to me and for this I thank you all.

My first meeting was in McAllen, Texas where Brother Ricardo Soto preaches. I was with this congregation from September 27 to October 4th. Six persons were baptized there.

My second meeting was with the Iglesia de Cristo that meets at 1129 New Combes Road in Harlingen, Texas. Brother Joaquin Blengio does the preaching for this congregation.

Next I preached in Mercedes, Texas where Brother Salvador Capetillo is working. I was with this congregation from October 12th thru the 16th. Five persons obeyed the gospel here.

My fourth gospel meeting was in Mexico with the Iglesia de Cristo that meets at Calle Nayarit 340 Ote., in Reynosa. I was there for the week of October 18th thru the 23rd. One lady obeyed the gospel here.

My next stop was in Raymondville, Texas where Brother Hilario Longoria is the active preacher. My stop there covered from October 26th thru the 30th. Here two were reconciled with God. This is what Brother Longoria had to say about our meeting: "It was our privilege to have had Brother Narro in this gospel meeting. This was an exceptional meeting and we had many to attend the meeting throughout the week. Some religious sects closed their meeting hour in order to hear Brother Narro preach."

On the first week of November I preached in Cd. Victoria, Tamp. Mexico.

On the 9th thru the 14th, I was preaching in Brownsville, Texas where Brother Vicente Ramirez preaches. Our attendance was well over one hundred each and every night. Although no one obeyed the gospel while I was there, four obeyed the gospel a week later.

Three persons were added to the Lord's church in Weslaco, Texas when I preached there from the 15th thru the 20 of October. Brother John Buentello is preaching there.

Rio Bravo, Tamp. Mexico was my next stop. Here Brother Francisco Rodriguez does the preaching. I was here for only one night and four persons were added to the Lord's church. The only night that I preached here was on November 22nd. Here is what Brother Rodriguez has to say: "The Spanish church of Christ invited aliens to hear the gospel of Christ, and many came and heard His message."

Then the Iglesia de Cristo from Matamoros, Tamp. Mexico, where Brother Arturo preaches, invited me for a meeting from the 23 of November thru the 27 of the same month. One young man was baptized.

The church that meets in colonia "Prolongacion" in Reynosa, Tamp. invited me to preach for them on the 28th and 29th of November. Bro. Macario Lopez Vicencio is the local preacher. (The exact name of 'this colonia is Prolongacion las Cumbre".)

On the evening of the 29th, I was asked to preach for an English speaking church in Weslaco and Brother John Buentello was my interpreter.

Brother Isaias Gomez, who preaches for the Lord's church in Monterrey, N. L. in Mexico, invited me to go and talk to Brother Ruben Delgado, an ex-Roman Catholic priest.

My next gospel meeting was in Harlingen, Texas with the Iglesia de Cristo that meets at 1101 W. Grant. While here on this meeting, a young couple was added to the Lord's church. Bro. Jose Mireles works with this church. I was here from the 7th thru the 11th of December.

On December the 12th and 13th I went to preach in Valle Hermoso, Tamp., where Brother Raul Sandoval preaches. When I was preaching here, the weather was rather cold and still many people, who could not go into the building due to lack of space, stood outside hearing the gospel of God.

Then on the 14th thru the 19th of December, I preached in Rio Rico, Tamp. Mexico. We had good attendances throughout the week and seven persons were added to the Lord's church. I journeyed to Reynosa every day, since there was no place for me to sleep. This is a relatively poor congregation. Bro. Tobias Vasquez is the local preacher.

The following week I was engaged in a meeting in Matamoros where Bro. Leonardo Morone preaches. Two 6ther preachers were preaching there, too. Each one of us preached two nights. On the two nights I preached five persons were added to the one true church of Christ.

The brethren that meet in Colonia el Banco in Reynosa, Tamp, invited me for a gospel meeting. I preached for this church from the 27th of last month thru the 1st of this year. While I was here, eleven persons obeyed the gospel. In this eleven that were baptized, one was a Baptist preacher and the other was his wife. Their names are Jose Guerrero, Antonia Guerrero. They will meet with Brother Soto in McAllen, since they are from McAllen.

I also have more invitations from many other congregations that I have not answered, but I will someday that I have time.

This is all I have done during my stay in the Magic Valley of Texas and in the Border towns.

Your brother in Christ that remembers you always in his prayers.

Ray Narro.

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XV: 15, pp. 10-12
February 18, 1971