Pat Boone

Wright Randolf
Cincinnati, Ohio

We have no particular "axe to grind" with this person. We select him because he is a classic example of what can happen to a man as he exercises an attitude of pleasing the populace rather than submit to the will of God. Pat Boone becomes an example in both the MORAL and SPIRITUAL.

It was in the early 1950's when Pat began to capture the minds of people; those in the world and - as well those in the church. He was a man with a beautiful voice. He became one of the greatest singers of the century. In the field of popular music he thrilled the many who listened via radio and watched him on the T.V. screen, or that of the movies. He was, as well, an accomplished singer of spiritual songs and did quite a bit of public teaching and preaching. He was appearing on the Arthur Godfrey radio show. "Hollywood" was calling! Pat heard the call and was of a mind to heed that call! I remember the advice of the "Peer of entertainers, Arthur Godfrey, as he gave to Pat the "fatherly" advice to reject the call on the grounds that he was "too nice a boy" to be exposed to the wiles of Hollywood. Pat would not listen. He went - and became the prey of the public. Do not think for a moment that Hollywood was the cause of it. The atmosphere of Hollywood only brought to the fore that which was within the man. In this we are reminded of the words of Jesus to the unjust steward, "For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light."

Then, there was another of this world who tried, vainly to restrain Pat Boone, LOUELLA PARSONS: Time and again, in her syndicated column, she chided Pat for his indiscretion, his loose morality as he displayed it before the public eye. Counsel and advice were cast to the "four winds." One step led to another until there was not any stopping place!

More important, brethren in the Lord's church attempted to stay the tide. "Antis" exposed and condemned; "Liberals" tolerated and encouraged. Evidently, there was but one alternative for Pat Boone. Take the ultra extreme and let his "folly ... be manifest." Now, even his "liberal" brethren despair for Pat claims the baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT and the power to "speak in tongues." They are about ready to "write him off!" - BUT WHY?

Pat Boone has only done, in its extremity, that which s own liberal brethren have done in a lesser degree.

Brethren, can't you see what the flaunting of authority in the face will result in? How drastic it is to refuse to listen to the "voice of experience!" How tragic to refuse to listen to the voice of the Christ!

"The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God" (Psa. 9:17), is not an idle statement. It is a declaration of judgment against those who are disposed to set aside HOLY WRIT and do that "WHICH SEEMETH TO BE GOOD!"

Perhaps, Pat Boone, Ben Franklin and a host of others are too far gone to ever reclaim. But there is a great host left, many of whom will read this, that are subject to being YET reclaimed. THINK!

February 25, 1971