The Ecumenical Mirage

Jimmy Tuten
Indianapolis, Indiana

Ecumenism is a false realism. Its main direction is that of compromising religious convictions. While sustaining a drive for union which envisages bringing all churches (including the Roman Catholic) under one ecclesiastical tent, its main assumption is that the bringing together of all religious bodies is the best possible thing that could happen to "Christianity."

Compromise in religious, circles is always destructive. History has already proven that wherever there is merger, the result is strangulation and sterility. The church of our Lord must maintain its distinctiveness in order to exert an influence. The moment members of the body of Christ become involved in Ecumenism. (Unity Forums, etc.), they surrender their characteristics which set them apart from denominationalism. In the mirage before us one gives up something for everything and ends up with nothing. The church that tries to satisfy everybody ends up by pleasing nobody.

A man starting in the fish business hung out a sign which read, "Fresh Fish for Sale Today." He invited his friends to the grand opening. While being congratulated on his enterprise, one suggested that the sign be improved. He said, "why the 'today?' We know it's today, not yesterday or tomorrow." So the fish salesman removed the word. Another wanted to know why the "For Sale" on the sign, saying "everybody knows that, else why the store?" Off came the words! Then the complaint, "why the word, 'fresh?'" Finally only "fish" remained, but an objector said, "why the sign? I smelled your fish two blocks away!"

Let's not be taken up with the Ecumenical mirage. Let's continue to hold forth the blood-stained banner of Christ and stand by it!

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XV: 21, pp. 8-9
April 1, 1971