Opportunities Are Present

Garreth Clair
Brawley, California

The church must continue to extend its borders. When we find ourselves self-satisfied as to the amount of outside work that is being done with the lost, we should stop and take inventory of our direction. Sometimes congregations of God's people become so self-secure in their own local work that they turn from the areas around them, and seek things to their own benefit. There are many worthy men and places which deserve whatever help that they receive. All of us ought to consider all calls for help. In consideration of men and places to help, we ought to secure whatever information is readily at hand. If then, the man and place appear deserving; we ought to help according to our ability.

A Serious Danger:

The message to one of the seven churches of Asia (Rev. 3-4) reveals to us that there will, from time to time, be presented to us an open door of opportunity. The church under consideration is the church at Philadelphia (Rev. 3:7-13). Similar opportunities might be presented to some congregation today. Such opportunities are to be grasped if the congregation is able. It would appear from the text that failure to take advantage of this opportunity on the part of the Philadelphian church would result in their rejection by God. If such an opportunity were presented to a congregation today, do you suppose that failure to take advantage of it would result in any less than rejection by God? I believe that we can all see the dangers in failure to act when opportunity and ability are present. Yes, we must act, when a door of opportunity is offered to us.

Never Be Self-satisfied

From time to time such opportunities will be offered to most any congregation. We must take advantage of these opportunities if we are able. Failure to do so could condemn us eternally. The attitude that we manifest ought to be, "if we can, we will."

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XV: 21, pp. 8-9
April 1, 1971