Preaching in the Philippines

Connie W. Adams
Louisville, Kentucky

We are planning to spend the month of May preaching and teaching in the Philippines. Ever since Roy Cogdill and Cecil Willis were there last year, the Filipino brethren have been urging that it would be helpful to have some American brethren return this year and preach in as many meetings as time would permit in places where the most brethren could be gathered. It looked for awhile as though none would be able to go this year. Then an unusual circumstance arose which made it imperative that someone go.

Debate Planned

Several years ago, J.T. Smith wrote a tract called Institutionalism - Why I Changed. Some of these found their way to the Philippines. A liberal preacher on Mindanao wrote J.T. about it and he replied. In time the matter was turned over to Eusebio Lacauta who in turn wrote to J.T. and enclosed two signed propositions for debate, one on benevolence and the other on church cooperation. Both are well worded and pinpoint the issues. He offered to debate J.T. on these subjects in Bansalan, a city of 185,000, where the liberals have a building and a goodly following. Cecil Willis says that brother Lacauta is perhaps the ablest of the native liberal preachers, a man of about 50 and well respected. It is the judgment of both Willis and Cogdill that much good will come from the debate. Several preachers took a stand for the truth as a result of their efforts, last year. The debate will last four days.

In addition to the debate, we will preach in, lecture-type meetings on Luzon, Mindanao and Mindoro, as many as time permits, speaking two or three times daily along with Filipino preachers. Brethren there are now arranging our schedule so we will be able to speak to as many brethren as possible while there.

Congregations Encourage Us

The congregation at Gardiner Lane (where Smith preaches) is standing behind him in the work by providing his support and by contributing much of the travel fund. The same spirit of interest and cooperation is being shown by the Manslick Road congregation (where Adams preaches) which will continue his support and which has provided much of the travel fund.

The brethren in the islands were greatly encouraged last year by the preaching of brethren Cogdill and Willis and we are praying that our efforts will help strengthen the hands of the native preachers and other Christians. We are thankful for this opportunity to go and ask for the prayers of faithful brethren everywhere that we may have safety in travel, strength to meet a rigorous schedule and that we may open our mouths boldly to speak the truth in love. At the conclusion of the trip an extended report will be given on the work, including the debate.

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XV: 21, pp. 10-11
April 1, 1971