Abundant Gospel Labor

Cecil Willis

The apostle Paul spoke of the fact that he "labored more abundantly than they all. . . ." ( I Cor. 15: 10). Some of us American Christians hardly know what hardship in gospel labor is. In a letter from a Filipino brother, to which I just replied this morning, this brother in his 60's reports a preaching trip which takes "six days hiking back and forth." This man, at this moment, receives support from no one for his work.

Brother Julian Felix of Moncada writes of a young gospel preacher who is a "poor young man but very active." Of this young brother, Brother Felix states, "He is a tried pioneer worker even in the wilds of Luzon -- in the dreaded place of the headhunters -- the so-called Ilongots." Yet this "poor young man" also receives no recompense for his labors.

Some brethren engage in abundant and dangerous gospel effort, while many of us lounge on our couches of ease, and care "for none of these things" (Acts 18:17). The lamenting prophet sought to shock his people out of their deadly complacency by asking, "Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by?" (Lam. 1: 12). Some of us need to rise from our spiritual couches, and shout, "To the work, to the work, we are servants of God!"

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XV: 23, p. 11a
April 15, 1971