Do We Have Miraculous Divine Healing Today? (III)

Osby Weaver
Canoga Park, California

We are ready to consider the third question in connection with our investigation of what the Bible says regarding miraculous divine healing, which question was introduced in a former article: Was there a time limit placed upon the exercise of these miraculous gifts? Were they given for all times to come or were they provisional and therefore to expire by divine limitation?

One of the scripture references already considered not only sets forth the purpose of these supernatural gifts, but also tells how long they were to continue. "Till we all attain unto the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God, unto "full grown man" (Ephesians 4:13). How long were these gifts to last? "Till!" Till when? Till the faith (that is, the gospel) had all been revealed and delivered as a unit, and the knowledge of the Son of God sufficient for one to be full grown in Christ. Has this goal been reached? Of course it has. All revelation has been made known, and along with it warnings against going beyond the teachings, of Christ (2 John 9) and preaching another gospel (Galatians 1: 7-9). It is said to be sufficient to make the man of God perfect (2 Timothy 3:16, 17).

Macknight, in his commentary, Apostolical Epistles, has this to say about Ephesians 4:13. "The supernaturally endowed teachers were to continue in the church, till it was so enlarged, and so well instructed in this gospel, as to be able to direct and defend itself without any supernatural aid ... at which when the church arrived, the supernatural gifts of the Spirit were to be removed as no longer necessary."

In I Corinthians chapters 12, 13, and 14, the subject of spiritual gifts is considered in depth. Chapter 12 enumerates them. Chapter 14 directs 'the proper use of them while they lasted, and chapter 13 tells when they were to be done away. I Corinthians 13:8-10: "Whether' there be prophecies, they shall be done away; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall be done away. For we know in part, and we prophesy in part; but when that which is perfect is come, that which is in part shall be done away."

This scripture is not I saying that the time will come when no one will be able to speak ---have no tongue; or that all will be morons --- have no knowledge; but the apostle picks out three of those miraculous gifts listed in chapter 12:8-11 as representative of all such spiritual gifts, including the gift of healing and says that the time is coming when they shall be done away. When? "When that which is perfect is come." He did not say, "When he who is perfect," but "When that which is perfect is come." The apostle said they had partial knowledge (verse 9), but when all revelation would have been given and they would "know fully", then the miraculous gifts would cease - i.e. "be done away."

These facts, coupled with the fact that no one could perform these signs but the apostles, and, those upon whom the apostles laid their hands, and no one could impart these gifts to others but the apostles, show conclusively that miraculous divine healing, along with all other supernatural gifts, have ceased. There is no such thing as miraculous divine healing today. We could show proper respect for the word of God and believe otherwise.

May 20, 1971