Tuten's Article on Manuscript Form

Cecil Willis
Marion, Indiana

Elsewhere in this paper you will find an article by Jimmy Tuten on "The Preparation of Articles." I am not really as cranky as some of the minute suggestions made regarding manuscript preparation might imply. But if all writers would follow proper style in preparing a manuscript, it would indeed lessen considerably the work load of editors of papers.

The detailed preparation which Brother Tuten has done in order to write this article is appreciated. Those who write regularly might like to lay aside this article for future reference. I am positive our typesetters would like to have us all to follow the rules suggested in this article.

Some writers wonder why their material is seldomly published. In many instances, it is because they send in such messy manuscripts that they are not usable as presented, and usually the editor does not have time to rewrite the article. Articles that need rewritten usually find their way into "File 13." Some writers need to become highly suspicious of their spelling. They seem not to know that they regularly misspell certain frequently used words.

Please do- not- apply these rules too stringently to editorials found within this paper!

May 20, 1971