Care of Children in Services

Cecil Willis
Marion, Indiana

Brother J. P. Gibson, an elder in a church, and a well-known pediatrician, recently gave the following advice on how to attend to children who become restless or unruly during the worship services:

"The worshipper should not be disturbed by children who misbehave. Children should 'be encouraged to be present at all services from the age of two weeks upwards, yet they should be taught to be quiet. Even infants of a few months can be taught this lesson. It is preferable that children be seated with their parents where a watchful eye can be kept over them.

"Children who cry should be taken out of the assembly and, if necessary, given a little dose of "birch tea', and then promptly returned to the assembly. When misbehaving is rewarded with discipline, he gets what he needs. When it is rewarded with liberty, the child gets what he wants. It is remarkable how a few doses of "birch tea' consistently given will bring out good behavior in a child."

Following such instruction would help us to have more orderly worship periods and would help us all to bring up our children in a better manner.

May 20, 1971