More Digression

Donald P. Ames
Sandwich, Illinois

In Rom 1:16 Paul affirms, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes" Yet, in spite of Gods plain statement of drawing power, many in the church of the Lord continue to ape the denominations as they move further and further from the truth. Though we sometimes think we "have heard of everything," someone always manages to spring still another surprise.

Following is a letter we recently received at 410 S. Michigan (Chicago) from one of the liberal churches in Chicago that is but another example of this apostasy. Even ten years ago brethren would have taken great offense if someone intimated a church of the Lord was engaged in such practices as this:

"Please announce the following during your worship services on a weekly basis, if at all possible.

"The Southtown Church of Christ will sponsor a Womans Day Program for the purpose of increasing our building fund on Sunday, February 21 beginning at 2:00p.m. at the Michigan Avenue (a colored congregation long in the forefront of the liberal here in Chicago  DPA). The theme for the day will be "the delivered woman," with Mrs. Nancy Jefferson, Director of the Midwest Community Council, featured as the guest speaker. Mrs. Jefferson, a member of the Monroe Street Church of Christ, is an articulate and dedicated Christian worker.

"Beginning at 2:20 p.m. sharp, we will begin what promises to be a unique and interesting art-crafts-hobby exhibit of items created by Chicago area women, and especially members of the Church of Christ. The formal program will begin at 3:00 (appetizers will be served from 2:00 until 2:45 p.m.). In addition to the other special aspects of the program, there will be a "Hall of Fame" honoring women of the Church of Christ who have been nominated by an anonymous panel of religious leaders.

"We invite each of you to share this very special program with us and encourage your financial contributions as well."

Now, I would like to ask frankly, "What difference is there in this and Easter specials in the Christian Church?" Complete with a woman speaker who is a member of the church (Wonder if she has ever read I Tim. 2:11-12, or does that subject supercede the Bible as well?) And how, about the full program of activities capped with a "Church of Christ Woman Hall of Fame"! And some still have the gall to ask where we see any real evidence of apostasy. Brethren, just open your eyes and look around.

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XV: 30, pp. 11-12
June 3, 1971