Warnock-Russell Debate

James P. Miller
Bowling Green, Kentucky

An old time debate well attended with the truth victorious was the story of the discussion between Weldon Warnock of the West End church of Christ and W. T. Russell of the Missionary Baptist. The sessions were conducted in the National Guard Armory in Bowling Green, Kentucky the week of May 17th. Both men were experienced debaters Russell having met our brethren 14 times.

The plan of salvation with the place of faith and baptism was the theme of the debate. Crowds ranging from 400 to several hundred more heard each session. Although brethren may have outnumbered the Baptist each time, there was not a night that 200 Baptists were not present, including several Baptist preachers.

Weldon Warnock is an able defendant of the faith. He knows the issues and can press a point as well as any man I have heard. He is a good speaker and presents the truth with power. No congregation should be afraid to call him for this kind of work. He is in the rime life and is well suited in every way for the job.

Russell twisted, turned and dodged the scriptures that were against his position' but it must be said, in fairness to him, that he tried to answer all of them. The Baptist are wrong in everything that makes them peculiar. It is sad to see them try to explain away plain verses that say the exact opposite of their beliefs.

Brother Warnock used these plain passages with great effect. He pointed out that they taught what he believed in the very words of his position. Nothing but good can come from debates of this kind.

H. C. Vanderpool moderated for Mr. Russell and signed propositions to debate Brother Warnock later this year, possibly in Louisville, Kentucky. They have met before in 1968. Watch for the announcement in the papers this fall and plan to attend. You will be glad you did.

It is with regret that I tell the brotherhood that after more than four years with the West End congregation, Brother Warnock is moving to Paden City, West Virginia. Our loss will be the Ohio Valley's gain. He is an able preacher and debater and will add much to the strength of that part of the Lord's kingdom. He has been a real asset to the work in Southern Kentucky.

June 17, 1971