A Vicious Slander

Cecil Willis
Marion, Indiana

It never ceases to amaze me at the extent to which some of the liberal brethren will go in their effort to destroy a man who turns from liberalism to the truth. The most malicious and malevolent effort to destroy a man's reputation and standing, and to assassinate a man's character, that I have seen has been made by the American "Missionaries" and their cohorts toward the Filipino brethren who have rejected liberalism.

Of more than 75 men who are faithfully preaching the Gospel in the Philippines, there is hardly a one of them that some malignant effort has not been made to destroy. And these American "Missionaries" have not handled the truth very carefully in their urgent effort and desire to destroy the good reputation of those with whom they differ. Many of these men they seem suddenly compelled to destroy are men who have preached the gospel fifteen or twenty-five and in some instances more than thirty years. Now all of a sudden, these men are no-good scoundrels who must be destroyed at all costs.

Buying Preachers

One of the lowest attacks that have been made has been repeated frequently. The liberals charge, when a man deserts their sinking sands of liberalism in the Philippines, that we have "bought a preacher." My Florida College schoolmate, Bob Buchanan, of the Philippine Bible College, has repeatedly told this lie, as also have Douglas Gunselman and some others of their cohorts. Even if I were a liberal preacher, I would resent their charge, for it implies that their preachers are for sale!

We have enough scriptural sense to know that we do not want, nor can we use, a preacher who is "For Sale." He is nothing but a hireling, and unfit for the Master's use. But the malicious rumor now is being parroted over here. In the April 18, 1971 issue of The Central Courier from Bakersfield, California, the following statements are made:

"To the Friends of Philippine evangelism: Those congregations within the restoration movement whose members are doctrinally opposed to co-operative efforts have recently secured the 'conversion' of a number of 'our' Filipino preachers on the island of Mindanao. My contact in the Philippines claims it was done through the offer of regular salaries from America which offer is being made at the very time that brethren in our own fellowship are beginning to understand the damaging nature of such long term foreign support and are attempting to terminate it.

It is inevitable that there will be mercenary people whose loyalties fluctuate with the source and size of their salaries; and the sooner they are exposed, the better for everyone... a number of small congregations with no elders or regular minister have been made to provide captive audiences for the new-found doctrine of these "converted" preachers who travel about preaching where they may. My contact there wants to do something about that, at least offering alternatives to the members of those congregations by presenting to them the other side of the argument. To do this, however, he needs a little help (but NOT salary help). If you are interested, please ask me for further information. - Jim Trimmer

Now I do not know Brother Jim Trimmer, nor do I know who his "contact" in the Philippines is, but I want as kindly but as directly as I know how to call both of them unmitigated liars! If you think that is any too strong, use any more pleasant synonym you prefer to use, but I use "unmitigated liars" for that is -precisely what they are.

I call upon Brother Jim Trimmer to name one man on Mindanao or elsewhere that we have bought with money. In many instances, these men have given up good salaries with the promise of nothing in order to stand for the truth. While at M'lang last summer, two men publicly renunciated liberalism, and asked the prayers of the church for having taught it. Neither man discussed the matter of support with any of us either before or after their renunciation of liberalism. In fact, it was not known to me or to Brother Cogdill that they even planned to make such a public statement. One of the Filipino preachers who knew the men said of one of them, "It took courage to do that. That man has been supported by a liberal church for about fifteen years, and he knows that he has received his last check!"

One man did write a statement at the urgency of Bob Buchanan to the effect that one Filipino brother discussed support with him before he changed his stand. But that brother has repudiated his statement, and asked forgiveness for making it. I do not attempt to justify his affirming that which was a lie. But the liberals continue to use his statement even after he has repudiated it.

By at least a score of letters, I could verify from experienced preachers in the Philippines that they are being very careful not even to discuss support with a man until be takes his stand for the truth. And even then, many go without any support for many months; some as long as three years. And yet they say we are "buying preachers." Furthermore, by a score of letters I think I can verify that the liberals have offered some of the faithful preachers more money than they now are being paid. They seem to think that they can "buy them back." But we do not want to keep a man who can be bought, nor do we want to receive such a man. The liberals are perfectly welcome to all the preachers in the Philippines or elsewhere who are "For Sale."

Since Brother Trimmer is so interested in seeing that the brethren in the Philippines hear "the other side of the argument," let me suggest that he is welcome to present "the other side of the argument" at the church where I preach, and then I'm to be invited to present "the other side of the argument" at the church where he preaches. It is strange that the liberal brethren like Brother Trimmer are so interested in brethren in the Philippines hearing both sides of the argument, but then they are unwilling for brethren here to hear what we have to say.

But the experienced Filipino preachers do not need me to come to their defense. They are perfectly able to defend themselves. Brother Romulo B. Agduma of M'lang on the island of Mindanao publishes a paper called, Gospel Preacher in which he replied to this very charge which is repeated by Brother Trimmer. That you might see that Brother Agduma can handle the sophistry of liberalism, I herewith print his article on this subject, along with a re-drawing of an illustration that he carried in his 28 page 81/2 x II single-spaced paper. I think he amply attended to this slanderous and malicious charge our Filipino and American liberal brethren are making against those who turn from error to Truth. Brother John Clark of Louisville, Kentucky re-drew for me Brother Agduma's drawing, since his was mimeographed and would not reproduce well in Truth Magazine.

Are the Liberal Preachers Really For Sale"

That the Conservative Preachers Offer or

"Buy Them With Supports"??

No. we do not believe the liberal preachers are "for sale" for the very same reason that we do not offer or buy them with supports!! But if they will continue to insist and accuse us that we are offering or "buying them with supports, then, certainly, this is (See drawing) how the liberal preachers look!!

One of the most ridiculous, if not the dirtiest and ugly accusation the liberal preachers especially here in Mindanao have launched against us is that, we "are offering or buying the liberal preachers with supports." This is an absolute falsehood and baseless! This is the only ugly comment that they could have for us for being so much worried and terribly disturbed due to the continuos defection of more preachers from their group to the side of the Truth. It is an absurd idea for us to support liberal preachers and more foolish if we offer supports to women defecting from their group.

Nevertheless, we encourage the brethren who are presently studying the issues to continue investigating our views and position Check one: in the light of God's Word and if they decide to "turn away from them" (Rom. 16:17 RSV) we will welcome them in love and in Truth in the Kingdom of the Lord. -- RBA.

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XV: 35, pp. 3-6
July 15, 1971