Loud Preachers

Larry Ray Hafley
Plano, Illinois

Lately, there has been some talk against "voice volume," or "loud preachers." Most of the comments I have heard have been derogatory. If one is loud, he is not calm or dignified; he is violent. If a preacher "waxes loud," it is because he is uncertain of his position, or so the critic of "loud preachers" says.

Well, that may be true of some, but such criticism must not be brandished about with reckless abandon. A goodly number of brethren preach loudly. It is their nature. They cannot help it. They preach loudly when they declare that the Bible is God's word, that Jesus is the Christ, that faith is essential to salvation. Are they uncertain of their position on these topics? Violent? No. Loud? Yes! (Get your concordance and look at the use of the word "loud.")

Volume is no vice and quiet tones are no virtue.

July 29, 1971