Cope Article to Appear Later

Cecil Willis

Previously it has been announced that Brother James R. Cope's article in reply to a nine page bulletin article by Brother Ralph Williams of Pasadena, Texas would appear in the August 5th issue. Brother Williams article was entitled "Bible Departments and Colleges." However, some later development will delay the appearance of Copes article.

After it was announced that Truth Magazine was going to carry Cope's lengthy article, Brother Ralph Williams asked that we also carry his article in the same issue. Both of these articles were considerably longer than we normally carry in Truth Magazine.

Brother Cope had intended privately to publish his reply. But he approached me about carrying his article, and permits him to pay for the double-sized issue in which the article would appear. The printing bill on such an enlarged issue, including about a thousand or fifteen hundred extra copies which were ordered would cost about $1,000. Truth Magazine was not prepared to foot such an additional expense. So Brother Cope agreed to pay for the issue in which this reply appeared.

I then Proposed to Brother Curtis Torno of the Pasadena, Texas church that we would include Ralph Williams' article on the same financial basis as that proposed to and accepted by Brother Cope. Hence, the Red Bluff church has agreed to pay the cost of printing and circulating William's article, which cost will run about $500.

Ordinarily we do not charge for the appearance of such articles. But we will go ahead and print the usual numbers of issues of Truth Magazine, in addition to the extra pages of the issue containing this exchange of articles. The 32 page, or 48 Page (which I think will be necessitated) issue will be jointly paid for by Brother Cope and the Red Bluff church, with Brother Cope paying two-thirds of the cost, since his is much the longer first article. We are deviating from out normal practice of not printing such lengthy articles. But you, our readers, will receive this lengthy exchange as just one issue of Truth Magazine, and thus will receive thereafter the same number Of Pages of material which you otherwise would receive. This intention to publish the normal number of issues of Truth Magazine, counting this Special issue as just one issue, is the reason why we had to charge both Brother Cope and the Red Bluff church for the appearance of the articles. So, far as I am concerned, the appearance of this exchange is on the basis of advertising space. We have a paper, and they need the usage of its pages for their own teaching purposes. Hence, they have purchased the pages of this issue.

The reason for the delay in the appearance of this exchange is because at the last minute, I decided that you might want to read also an additional exchange between Brother Williams and Brother Cope. Truth Magazine must publish in units of 16 pages. Since 48 pages likely win be necessary, and since there will be some little space left over, I am proposing to both brethren that they write a five page rebuttal article each. The delay in the appearance of the articles will be occasioned by the necessary time consumed in preparing these rebuttal arguments. The entire enlarged issue will appear as one issue, and will be printed as quickly as the materials for it are in my hands. Meanwhile, we will hold the orders already placed for additional Copies of the enlarged issue- This delay, however, affords time for others of you to place your orders. Prices are: 25 copies for $10; 50 copies for $15; and.100 copies-for S25. Postage of two cents per copy must be added to these prices. So please include this postage money when you send payment for your order. We already had advertised the two cent postage rate (which is actual cost, according to our computation). The addition of 16 Pages beyond the 32 pages originally intended win mean that Truth Magazine will foot the bill for one-third of the postage expense.

We hope you read carefully this exchange, and that you profit from it. Both Brothers

Williams and Brother Cope are esteemed brethren.

August 5, 1971