Counsel Darkened

Earl E. Robertson
Tompkinsville, Kentucky

After lengthy dissertation and defense which apparently were presumptuous before the Lord, Job is answered by the Lord (Job 38: 1ff). Job made the best effort he could with what he had to do, but his problem was in that he spoke about things of which he simply did not know. God said Job had darkened counsel by words without knowledge. The great themes propounded by Job concerning divine dealings and government, and his effort of vindicating Jehovah, complicated the divine purposes before the people.

Job is not the last to speak without knowledge. Many there are who aver themselves the unquestioned right to speak on divine things. We certainly would not seek to with-hold this right from any one, but it is imperative that he who speaks do so as the oracles of God (I Pet. 4: 11). Frequently, one is heard, allegedly in the name of the Lord, saying things which do not rapport with truth, but actually are opposed to it. Just because one has a "black back Bible" under his arm is not a guarantee that one will correctly speak God's truth.

A denominational preacher tells sinners that Christ saves by faith only. This man "darkens counsel by words without knowledge." Christ, the Savior says: "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved " (Mk. 16:16). Any responsible person can see two requirements: belief and baptism. All efforts to explain why one is saved by "faith only" will only confuse more. Emphasis on, WHAT the Savior says will give light.

This reminds me of my own brethren concerning the Sponsoring church in the Herald of Truth, and the benefits of "Christian" education in a school operated by brethren but which school does not accept money from churches. While it is altogether true that no College can scripturally be supported by churches of Christ, it is amusing to get some institutional brethren to tell whether it is SINFUL for the church to give to the school. They will talk long and loud, but in the end they darken counsel because they either do not know why it is this way-they -do not know whether it is POLICY or CONVICTION. And they can show why the gospel should be preached and in this prove (?) the scripturalness of the Herald of Truth. They talk much in showing the Herald of Truth is the work of Highland church because they "pay the bill" but they also talk much to show that the Herald of Truth is the work of the many contributing churches. They are on both sides of the question! They do not know to whom it belongs. Counsel is darkened!

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XV: 38, pp. 7-8
August 5, 1971