EDITORIAL -- Man's Lack of Concern for Self

Cecil Willis
Marion, Indiana

In matters of this world there is no instance in which man indicates a lack of concern for self. In fact, usually there is a tendency to be so concerned about oneself that one is apt to show too little concern for others. The Bible warns against this disposition (Rom. 12:3, 4; Phil. 2:3). But when we come to spiritual concernments, there certainly is no disposition on the part of the average person to be overly concerned about his soul. The great detriment of man today is an almost complete lack of concern for spiritual matters. Men and women are not interested in their own souls. It is pathetic when people are busy here and there with relatively insignificant things, and so casual and apathetic in those things that really count. Jesus said that if a man should gain the whole world and lose his own soul, he had made a bad bargain, (Matt. 16: 26). Dear friend, become genuinely interested in yourself.

God was so concerned about you that He sent his son to die. Jesus was so touched with our need that he shed his blood in our behalf. Christians are so interested in you that they use every available means to reach and to teach you. I have never known a person who did not at some time in his life become excited about his soul. It might have been in the final days, hours, or minutes. Some have been so quickly taken from the realm of the living that they have had no opportunity to make that intended final preparation. Others who survive the apparent end unfortunately frequently relapse into their previous state of apathy.

In John 12:21 we read of some people who imposingly said, "We would see Jesus." They did not have to be begged to come to the Lord. In fact, they were Greeks and likely had not even been invited to see him. But they had a desire to be taught by the Lord.

Others asked, "What must I do to he saved?" It is a very simple matter to teach a person if you can ever get him concerned enough to inquire what the will of the Lord is.

Some of you are hiding behind a superficial covering of unconcern. You are more concerned than you would let it be known. You are fighting what you know ultimately will be a losing battle, and that finally the Lord will have his way in your life. Please do not waste any further time outside Christ. Some feel that religion is only for old women and, little children, and that they are too manly to be a Christian. But it takes a real man to be a real Christian. It takes one who can suffer wrongfully, stand alone against great opposition when necessary, withstand the jeers of the world, and who can overthrow the stumbling blocks of Satan. Let your concern for your soul be manifested by your obedience to the truth. And do it now!

September 23, 1971