Will God Spare America? (II)

James L. Denison
Tampa, Florida

The afore mentioned examples could be multiplied with such instances as the Roman Empire, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Militant Japan, Corrupt Pre-World-War II France, et. als. But these adequately illustrate the principles earlier set forth.

Paul says that those things which "happened aforetime" were recorded as a lesson to T, so that we would not make the same, or similar, mistakes. (Rom. 15:4, 1 Cor. 10:611). What lessons do these examples teach US? Namely this: God will not continually endure a wicked nation! So what about America? Will God spare her? Will she survive?

Surely, no Bible believer would dare deny that God has abundantly blessed this nation. God has shed such numerous blessings upon America that they are too plentiful to even begin to enumerate here. At one time America was considered a godly nation. We even stamp upon our coins "In God we Trust' " But is the America of today really a godly nation? A Christian nation? The answer can only be in the negative. Realizing this, we can then see the timeliness of our question: Will God Spare America?

Yes; will God spare America when the very moral fiber of our nation is daily deteriorating at a frightening speed?

Will America Survive When:

"Anything goes" is the cry; as nudity, promiscuity, an exploding rate of crime, including the destruction of property and even life, has become part of the American panorama?

Its crime rate is growing eleven times faster than its population? In the six months-period of April to September of 1969, crime in general increased 8 percent and crimes of violence increased 13 percent!

In the U.S. the number of children born 64 out of wedlock" has doubled since 1945. Fourteen percent of all the babies now born in Florida are illegitimate; and the national average is probably not far behind?

In the last sixty years there has been better than a 300 percent increase in divorce; and two out of every five marriages are now expected to end in divorce?

Raw sex (and I mean by that term nearly everything it can possibly convey to you) is being taught in the public schools; even as low as elementary school and kindergarten?

Atheism is taught in our public schools and colleges"; but one is forbidden to read and comment on Genesis chapters 1 and 2. University professors can with immunity tell their Christian students, "I'll give you six weeks in this class and you'll get rid of that Jesus kick!"

The U. N. Commission on Human Rights, of which the U.S.A. is a part, declares Nikolai Lenin - Father of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, who executed 20,000 of his own Red Sailors, believed and proclaimed, violent revolution, wars of extermination and on-the-spot execution to spread terror; who had an undisguised hatred for Christ and said that Marxism (his political philosophy) cannot be conceived, nor succeed, without atheism - to be a "prominent humanist" who contributed "to the development of economic, social, and cultural rights"!

An F.B.I. report says that citizens all over our nation are afraid to walk the streets lest they be mugged, raped, or robbed?

Yes. Will God spare America when its youth, the future hope of our nation, are fast becoming corrupted, and are being led into the depths of degeneracy and degradation?

Can America Survive When:

Many of its youth appear on the scene with a crazed, drugged expression; with unkempt and straggly hair, with dirty, stinking, unwashed clothes and bodies, resembling Halloween left-over or escapees from a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde movie?

More crimes are being committed by the teen-age group, who comprise nearly one-third of present day Americans, than any other age group?

The heroes of our young people are the decadent "rock and roll" singers, of whom some flaunt their nudity, blaspheme Jesus and religion in general, while they entourage Communism, dope addiction, and promiscuity?

Yes, will God spare America when even its churches are decadent and corrupted?

Can America Survive When:

Its major religious groups are associated with, and support, the communistically influenced, if not controlled, National Council of Churches?

Many of its churches yield to the blackmail and extortion of James Forman's "Black Manifesto" (Named after Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto) calling for $500,000?

Theologians can with impunity cry "God is dead!" and gain notoriety thereby? The same theme can be made into a television production?

Churches are rewriting their creeds to do away with their profession of verbal inspiration of the Scriptures, as well as other basic Christian beliefs?

The National Council of Churches theoretically the spokesman for all member churches --can publish statements such as that sexual contact between unmarried couples can on occasions be pure and beautiful?

Religious leaders take part in such activities as the incident which happened on Jan. 2, 1965, when twelve denominational preachers sponsored a party for approximately six hundred homosexuals, which became so raucous that it was raided by the San Francisco Police?

Leaders of homosexual cults have the gall to publicly proclaim that their goal is to make homosexuality as acceptable as heterosexual marriage--not only to society, but to the churches; and a few religious leaders are willing to "solemnize" such a relationship?

Senate investigators are able to discover such things as the information given in sworn testimony that a church in Chicago permitted two street gangs to use their buildings for "Sex Rites" which were "part of initiation rituals performed by female gang members with male members," and included "deviate sex practices"? The information given declares that the same church building was used as storage for weapons, liquor, and marijuana.


Yes, can America survive? Will God spare her? I honestly do not know. America may already have reached the "point of no return." But I am convinced that if America is to survive; if God does spare us, then there must be a wholesale return to God and his word: to God's established order of things; to things that are good and right; that are pure and holy and decent and moral and clean and upright; to things that are religious and Christian and Biblical in character.

But this "wholesale return" can be accomplished only "one by one", as each individual-YOU and YOU and YOU and ME - turn to God in full and wholehearted obedience.

Remember: Ten righteous souls could have saved Sodom! Suppose that there had been only nine! Suppose that you could have been that last one! Who knows; it may well be that you and your stand for Christ will mean the difference between the destruction or salvation of our society and nation. But, what is even more important, it will mean the difference between the salvation and destruction of your own soul!

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XV: 46, pp. 6-8
September 30, 1971