Love of the Brethren

Connie W. Adams
Louisville, Kentucky

In case anyone thinks that all the liberal brethren have sweetened up a great deal, let me share with you what Kenneth J. Wilkey, the president of Philippine Bible College had to say about those he calls "antis." He wrote to a preacher who renounced the liberals asking that an explanation be given for the change. The brother has already given such explanation.

Wilkey said of the conservative brethren that they are "false brethren," "immoral," worldly," "lovers of gain," "parasitic," "destroyers of the body of Christ," "bitter men," "non-possessors of the mind of Christ," "their actions and attitudes are not of love," "they have negative and condemning attitudes," "they came late, not to convert but to proselyte," and "their movement will die or remain weak -- just as it is in America."

The brother is bolder at a distance than he cares to be in person. He was in M'Lang, Cotabato the week before the debate betweenJ. T. Smith and Eusebio Lacuata and came back the day after we left, but for some strange reason could not be there the week of the debate to encourage his Filipino brother in the debate. Do you suppose he was afraid that he might be called on to defend his practice of the sponsoring church by which the college at Baguio City is supported?

This is the kind of thing some of the Filipino brethren have had to face in taking their stand for the truth. These are wild and reckless charges and have no basis in fact, as the brother knew when he made them. There are many good and able men in the Philippines who are laboring faithfully in spite of such attacks.

October 14, 1971