A Controversial Character

Larry Ray Hafley
Plano, Illinois

I heard of a man who preached in almost every town he ever came to. Sometimes he would go into the buildings of other religious organizations and stir them up. Other times he would just preach wherever an opportunity presented itself. Of course, he got into lots of trouble with public officials because of his constant actions, and people often beat him because he would not keep his mouth shut. He called those who opposed him dogs" and "beasts," and seemed to be proud of the fact that he had engaged in religious contention. Even though he was literally thrown out of several cities by decision of the town council, he claimed to be a minister of the gospel of Christ!

When he was in discussions with his religious opponents, he would often look right at them and address his hearers as enemies of God. He constantly called names of those with whom he disagreed. He not only antagonized those whom he tried to convert, but occasionally his own brethren discredited his work!

Eventually, however, he landed in jail, and, so they say, was executed for his persistent struggles in the name of Christ. Who was it? The apostle Paul.

November 4, 1971