Politics in the Church

Robert E. Amerson
Athens, Alabama

The use of politics in the Lord's church is something that cuts me to the bottom of my soul. After all, politic means "wise in promoting a policy; with regard to self-interest." (Webster's Students Dictionary) It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Lord's work! It is unnecessary, unspeakable, and without reason, in church order. The Bible, which is God's law, will lead us unto perfection (Heb. 6: 1).

Let us first, note what we are not talking about. First, we are not talking about Mr. McIntire and others who use religion for power, or to get back at someone such as the FCC. Second, we are not talking about some member of the church who might be running for some public office. Third, we certainly are not talking about decisions of the Elder, whom we love in the Lord, in some matter they decide.

But what we are talking about is: In some cases we do not agree on matters that are of a non-doctrinal nature. Hence, is not essential to our salvation. Those who are in the majority, make changes to place themselves in a more favorable position. This, my friends, is not Bible teaching, but is an expression of "the spirit of Diotrephes" (3 Jo. 1:9).

Let us all look at ourselves when matters of a non-doctrinal nature are being discussed; let me be not a "Diotrephes." Let us walk together in agreement, and peace, expressing "An unfeigned love for the brethren" (I Pet. 1:22).

November 18, 1971