"They Have Sown the Wind, and They Shall Reap the Whirlwind"

Raymond E. Harris
Plainfield, Indiana

While driving through the beautiful southern Indiana hills on my way to the' Shoals meeting, I saw a sign pointing out the way to a church building that I had all but forgotten about. I determined that if I could manage the time, I would drive back and look at the building some time during the week.

Early the following Wednesday, a journey through the countryside to the top of a hill, brought me to a lovely little brick building with stained glass windows. Years ago I had heard the congregation had come under the influence of E. L. Jorgenson and premillennialism (The belief that Jesus will come back to earth and reign 1,000 years in Jerusalem). A stroll through the building confirmed over again the fact that one step away from God's truth will lead to another. Twenty-five years ago premillennialism was their only problem! But today - my!

Inside I found evidence they support a college, an old folks home, an orphan home, and a Bible camp. The tract rack was filled with literature written by Norman Vincent Peale, a denominational preacher. They also had a good supply of premillennialism literature and Christian Church literature. In the take-for-free rack, they also had a copy of the American Bible Society's outlandish new translation (perversion) of the New Testament Good News For Modern Man.

The Bible classes were furnished throughout with Christian Church material. The classes had inter-church organizations as they had their own treasuries and their own work projects and made gifts to institutions.

The basement featured wall to wall carpet, a large "fellowship" room and a well stocked and well equipped kitchen.

I sadly shuffled back upstairs, picked up some of their denominational tracts, and closed the door behind me. As I drove away I looked back over my shoulder at the pretty meeting house and thought of the words of Jesus. "Woe unto you ... for ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness" (Matt. 23:27).

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XVI: 5, pp. 9-10
December 2, 1971