White Unto Harvest

Donald Willis
Wichita Falls, Texas

Not many people are converted to Jesus by pulpit preaching. Though pulpit preaching is necessary (Acts 20:7) as a means of instruction and edification, it is not the only mean by which the lost are to be reached. Jesus taught the skeptical disciples to " lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest" (Jno. 4:35).

George was a little curly-headed, blue-eyed boy of the neighborhood. George possessed the innate ability of stealing one's heart. He always had time to be friendly. George enjoyed association with the other children of the neighborhood. One day, as George returned home from school, an auto hit him. The driver was frightened, and did not stop to care for George. The neighborhood was moved with concern over George's welfare, and the arraignment of the hit-and-run driver.

It is easier to activate people over physical tragedies than over spiritual. There are literally hundreds of George's in our community who are being neglected spiritually. Satan has the parents. The children are painfully neglected in spiritual instruction.

Parents and educators are not concerned. Children must have their hallowed freedom of choice. The apathy of fellow-Christians is equally distressing. Literally, the spiritual fields are white unto harvest. Our Junior High and Senior High School children are "hungering and thirsting" after God. They seek an oasis in the midst of the desert of ungodliness.

Children will respect a consistent life. They will hear when one speaks from conviction.

Young people grow weary of hypocrisy and pseudo-religion. They desire Christ! They will hear when one presents Christ in purity of life and doctrine!

Truly, the fields are white unto harvest. Will you help gather the harvest for the Lord?

January 6, 1972