Indecent Dress

Larry Ray Hafley
Plano, Illinois

Much preaching will be done in the coming months against indecent attire and the lack of dress. This is as it should be, but why the winter lull? It seems that preachers should learn a lesson from the ant and the squirrel. When do they prepare for winter? Why, in the summer, of course, so should not we use the winter to prepare against immodesty in the summer? Why wait until summer when indecency is before us? (How many times have you heard a lesson against immodest dress in the winter?)

Secondly, how do preachers generally attack the sin of immodest undressing? Some, frankly, do not attack it, but those that do love the truth, how do they go about attempting to put more clothes on people? Different situations call for different approaches. No one should be afraid to confront the sin with bold, direct reproof and rebuke -- in Florida as well as in Alaska -- but there is another "angle" that is often overlooked. No one who loves the Lord and wants to go to heaven has any problem with their clothes being indecently arranged or absent. So, why not use that "technique." Instill and install in the hearts of people the love of God, the grace of Christ, and the communion of the Holy Spirit, then watch the indecent dress problem and the hemline decline! (See Paul's use of this approach in another regard -- Phil. 2:1f.)

February 17, 1972