Film Industry in Trouble

Donald Willis
Kansas City, Missouri

"Los Angeles (AP) -- Chariton Heston, president of the Screen Actors Guild, says the American film industry desperately needs federal support to keep from collapsing.

American moviegoers have dwindled from 80 million to 17 million persons a week, Heston said in remarks to a U. S. House of Representatives subcommittee hearing here yesterday.

"The time has come," he said, "to recognize that the American film industry is one of our most vital national assets, and that it is in need of federal assistance" (Kansas City Star, October 31, 1971, pg. 2-A).

He, who controls the mind, controls the nation! For years the film industry has controlled the mind. About five years ago, the erotic, sex-orientated movies became the "fad" of Hollywood. Nudity, foul-language, and illicit, immoral relationship became the norm of the Hollywood scene.

Heston paid the American people a great compliment, for he said the American people are not attending these immoral movies. Yet, men who have produced the Disney movies are having tremendous box-office success. Movie fans will attend a production that is moral.

I, for one, stand opposed to a tax support of the American Film industry. When the industry begins to produce family-type movies, the American people will attend. At that time, there will be no need of government subsidization.

March 2, 1972