New York Newsletter

B. G. Echols
Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

Trying to summarize the work here in 1971 is no easy task. The last part of the year saw many people move out of the state. Two more families will leave the first part of 1972. Many of the departees were faithful in attendance and their moving is reflected most in our night attendance. On the other hand, our Sunday A.M. attendance has not dropped as much and our contribution is remaining about the same.

During the year four young people were baptized and five adults restored. Among those restored were people who live some distance away in neighboring counties. Thus far they have attended only on Sunday A.M. Benjamin Heermance is included in that number. He now has cancer and it appears he will not recover.

The year ended with only one home study in progress. It is with a young couple who attend every week. They seem eager to learn, but so far have not obeyed the gospel. We hope another class will be resumed soon.

Looking to next year, we have two meetings planned. We are to advertise our correspondence course in the newspaper and expand the circulation of our teaching paper The Berean. We have no way of knowing what the year will bring. We can only do our best and trust in Him.

We bad some severe internal difficulties during the past summer but the main instigators of that trouble, seeing they could not succeed in changing the direction of the teaching program, applied for a transfer out of the state. This trouble left some discouraged. Coupled with the moving of other brethren, we are not really moving as we should. Our fall meeting with Robert Schales who formerly preached here, helped. We are praying for a renewal in interest in all.

I remain the only 'conservative' preacher in the Empire State. We tried to get someone to move to Kingston where I preach once a month. Only two men even replied. One of these visited Kingston, but things did not work out. Brethren, how long must this State go neglected? Where is the preacher who will move here? Neighboring New England needs preachers just as badly. I wish every preacher reading this would plan to visit our area this year. Some would surely be impressed enough to plan to move here.

As a new year begins let us pray earnestly for the growth of the Lord's cause throughout the world. Pray for New York. I know of no place that needs it more. We express our deepest personal thankfulness to the church in Canoga Park, California for their continued personal assistance.

I would appreciate being put on the mailing list of everyone receiving this report.

March 9, 1972