Bennie Lee Fudge Dies Suddenly

Cecil Willis
Marion, Indiana

The distressing news of the sudden death of Brother Benjamin Lee Fudge has been received. Brother Fudge was the owner and operator of the C.E.I. Publishing Company of Athens, Alabama, the author of many of the study booklets in the "Use Your Bible" workbook series, and only a few months ago had purchased the Gospel Guardian, a weekly religious journal published for many years from Lufkin, Texas.

I had spent a good bit of time conversing with Brother Fudge at the recently conducted Florida College lecture series, which closed on January 27th. Several brethren contacted a potent strain of Influenza while in Florida, and Brother Fudge must have been among them. Soon after returning home, he became quite ill with the flu. He postponed getting any medical attention for a few days. Finally when he went to a doctor, it was discovered that he had double pneumonia. He was immediately hospitalized, and eventually placed under oxygen. While under oxygen, he suffered a heart attack, which brought on his deat4. At the time of the writing of this report, I have only' the sketchiest of a report concerning the events in connection with Brother Fudge's death. I hope the Information given to me is at least approximately correct. Brother Fudge died on Saturday, February 5th. He had lived for many years In Athens, Alabama, and was widely known and loved, particularly in the Alabama area.

Brother Fudge was born April 5, 1914. He was baptized by John L. Rainey In August, 1927, He and Sister Sybil Short were married June 1, 1943. They had six children, five boys and a girl. The boys are named Edward, Henry, Robert, Benjamin, and Paul, and the daughter is named Nancy. Brother Fudge began preaching in 1935. He attended David Lipscomb and Abilene Christian College.

Most, if not all, of his full-time preaching work has been done In Alabama. Brother Fudge served for a time as President of the Athens Bible School.

Brother Fudge was best known for his work in writing and publishing books and Bible class study books. The C. E. I. Company has published many helpful and profitable books. Brother Fudge shall be sorely missed, and we certainly extend our sympathy to his wife and family at this time. Perhaps others more familiar with the facts concerning Brother Fudge's life and work will write in greater detail than I have been able to write. Those wishing to send their condolences to the Fudge family may do so by sending them to Box 858, Athens, Alabama 35611.

March 16, 1972