Perhaps Dahome?

Paul K. Williams
Plainfield, Indiana

Bro. Leslie Diestelkamp (Truth Magazine, March 12, 1972) calls attention to the need for preaching in French-speaking African countries. What he says should be taken seriously.

The Nigerian Government has not, as yet, allowed any more American gospel preachers to come into the country as missionaries. When Wayne Payne leaves in May, there will be no American there preaching the pure gospel. This will be a blow to the work there, but not a catastrophe. Nigerian brethren can use the efforts of a mature, faithful American preacher, but they will get along remarkably well by themselves. I stopped there for a week on my way home from South Africa, and I was greatly impressed with the knowledge and zeal of the Nigerian preachers. They will not stop their work simply because Wayne Payne leaves.

But while in Lagos, I was alerted to what may be a real opportunity. Dahomey is a little French-speaking country on the west edge of Nigeria. In Lagos I met an American preacher for the Assembly of God denomination who was stationed in Dahomey. He lives just 60 miles from Lagos, Nigeria. He has no trouble going in and out of Nigeria for short trips. The idea occurred to me that a gospel preacher could locate in Dahomey and while working with the Africans there could frequently make trips to Nigeria to strengthen and encourage the brethren there.

Nigeria, and I suppose Dahomey, would be similar, presents some of the finest preaching opportunities a preacher could wish for. My week in Nigeria really sold me on the worth of preaching there, and I hope to stay a few weeks in Nigeria on my way back to South Africa in December. If a man likes to preach and preach, that is the place for him. Living conditions are certainly not luxurious, but a large number of white people are living there and liking it. So think it over, gospel preacher. Talk it over with your wife. If she is willing? Then get ready to go. You wont regret it.

May 4, 1972