Better Than Pills for Plums - This Plum

C. D. Plum
Parkersburg, West Virginia

Thanks, brethren, for using me these last 53 years, and for giving me "a - good - enough busy - year - in - '72." Aside from God's blessings, "you" have thus contributed to my spiritual and physical health, yea, probably prolonged my life, for our great physician (Jesus) and my earthly doctor both say, "Keep working." Don't neglect the younger (faithful) preachers for me. The church needs them, too! We are friends! Use us all! In the last two weeks I have heard three of the greatest sermons that ever fell from the lips of man, after having been learned from God's holy word. All delivered by a younger preacher. Dear God, I thank thee. There is room, work, and sufficiency in the vineyard of the Lord for us all. Pasture (only) is good for horses, but not for horses who are still strong enough to plow.

If it be God's will for me to be strong enough to preach beyond '72, then I am sure it will be God's will for me to hear from you.

June 1, 1972