"The Baptists Know"

Lewis Willis
Nacogdoches, Texas

Several years ago I used to hear a radio program on Sunday afternoons which was very popular. It opened with, "Who knows what evil lurks . . ." Then the narrator would say, "The Shadow knows." If I might be privileged to borrow the thought of that old radio mystery script, I would raise the question, and "Who knows what evil lurks in the fruits of the social gospelism now being practiced by our brethren?" To which I would then respond, "The Baptists know."

The following article shows that the Baptists do, indeed, know what social gospelism will do. The article appeared in the March 17, 1971 issue of Baptist Standard, a weekly publication by the Baptist Church. Office of publication is Dallas, Texas and it contains news of interest to Baptists all over Texas.

It appears that the Baptists are finally seeing where their social appeals and activities have gotten them. And, the fruits that have been borne are difficult for them to swallow. It is probably so firmly rooted in their heritage by now that nothing can be done to expel the dreaded malady from among them. But, at least they are able to see what social gospelism has done for them.

Isnt it a shame that our brethren have lost their sight! One would think they would look at the fruits of social gospelism in denominationalism before going head-long into it themselves. But, not so! Brethren in liberal churches have to take the same long journey the sectarians have taken. Consequently, they are hastening to build their own kitchens, playhouses and T-V parlors. They are organizing their hall teams and joining the leagues the Baptists have long been in. Some of us seem never to learn!

Fifty years after these brethren have started on this journey; some of them will probably be heard to mournfully announce the death of their services of worship and study, just as the Baptists are doing now. One is made to wonder just which liberal preacher will author that article fifty years from now. Will it possibly be Brother whats His Name? You know, the one who said he did not see anything wrong with the church building a fellowship hall in its new classroom annex. Following is a Baptists article about their folly. May some poor brother or sister read it with profit!!

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XVI: 30, pp. 11-12
June 1, 1972