Reading the Papers

Connie W. Adams
Louisville, Ky.

Singing Groups

There is a paper called Impact published by premillennial brethren in Arvada, Colorado. The terminology in it sounds more sectarian than Biblical. In the November-December, 1971 issue a front page article appeared entitled "Is There A Place?" The subheading read "Christian Singing Groups in the Lords Work." The article proceeded to present evidence of great good done by some youth singing groups. The author equated such singing groups with filmstrips, youth camps and religious surveys. He told how they have been used in some churches on the east coast. One preacher said "They were a tremendous asset" in a meeting he held. We are told that such should have a place as "attention getting devices" and this was likened to the miracles of the apostles and especially the "rushing mighty wind" on the day of Pentecost, which, according to the author, was an attention getting device.

College choruses have been singing for many years in meeting houses, sometimes in place of Sunday or Wednesday evening services. Among liberal churches youth choirs have been formed and, of course, are being used. There is no purpose in having something which is never used. Some of the great "campaigns" of recent years have had large choirs which sang "before the service began." There is no doubt about it - choirs in some churches of Christ are here. How many voices do you hear being raised against it?

Youth-reach At Broadway

Jim Moss is the new "youth minister" at Broadway in Lubbock. In the junior high division plans have been outlined "to attract youth outside the church." From the February 27, 1972 Broadway Bulletin here is the plan: "March 5 - "I Cant Believe I Ate the Whole Thing." Activities - The Worlds Largest Sundaes - Who Can Get the Most Grapes in Their Mouth - Peach Shaving Contest. Devotional - God Says Take Care of My World Food - Alka Seltzer and water.

March 19 - "Beep-Beep-Zooom!!" Activity - 27 minutes of Roadrunner. Devotional - Peanuts slide presentation of friends. Food - Fried chicken and coke (bring your own dime).

April 2 - "Eat, Think and Be Merry." Eat - Ice Cream float and hot dogs (bring 25c). Think - tape entitled "My Friends Call Me a Church of Christ - Whats That?" Merry - games outside.

April 16 - "My Frog Jumps Higher Than Your Frog." Activities - Frog Jump - Cricket Circle Turtle Race. Devotional - Peanuts slide presentation on family relations. Food - pizza and coke (bring your 10c).

April 30 - "Live and In Color." Activities - Skits - Squirms - Talent by the bushel - all behind a huge T.V. Food - The Worlds Largest Popsickle! Grape Even.

May 7 - "Cabinets Choice" - planned, promoted and conducted by the Junior High Youth Cabinet."

Sounds like a real winner! After reading all that I wonder why anyone would want to call Broadway a "Church of Christ." Oh yes, the senior high was not to be left out. The April 2, 1972 Bulletin reports that they had a "balloon (sic) stomp" and a "balloon sit." This comment followed that: "While the fellowship was great, the devotional time together with God was even better." Would someone please pass me the alka-seltzer? I am overcome by such spiritual-mindedness!

June 22, 1972